Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wasteful Resources - How many Trees We killed?

Free Magazines which turns out to be nothing but wasteful junks to throw away.
Some of these magazine and weeklies are printed on grossy non-cyclable!
The worst offenders are the Real Estate Magazines / Homes magazines, both resale homes and new homes catalogs. There are over 5-6 in our area that are published weekly. Do you pick them up? They are dream homes and they are gorgeous - ofcourse I pick them up all the time. I need to learn to stop the bad habit. I actually did since I spend my time on the internet and I do my searches online. But, there are many trade magazines that I can subscribe FOR FREE, they are tools for my career you know... and they are all FREE subscriptions! Oh Lord Buddha, I do not even have time to read them. I finally let the subscription run out without renewing again.

How many trees do we killed each week, each day we pick up these FREEBIES from the magazine racks at the supermarket??

Phone Books - How many Do we need? How many we throw away before it even reaches the consumer or the household it was supposed to be delivered to?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

On My Mind.

I have been thinking about serious writing and I have gather many of the topics on my mind. One of the topics I often thought about (in despair) is the subject of 'WASTE'. My particular concerns are with the WASTE of Papers and printed materials. The reason is that this is one of the products that affect our world, the trees and the forests.

I came across several web sites while I was doing a reseach for this topic and I came across this thought provoking article about the Free Newspapers in London....

What Ever Happened To ...FREE Newspapers..
In addition to Metro, City A.M. and assorted magazines aimed at Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans, the commuters of London can now avail themselves of 800,000 extra free papers each weekday in the form of new launches thelondonpaper and London Lite.

Which means a huge addition to the 20 tonnes of newsprint already being dumped every day on the seats and floors of the London Underground (sadly, there are no litter bins, dating back to the security risk posed in the days of the IRA).

I also saw a notice on a Frest Ethics web site about Victoria Secret and their catalog.

"Victoria's Secret is recklessly destroying Endangered Forests, contributing to global warming and habitat destruction," said Matt Meyer, one of the organizers of the demonstration, a Unitarian Universalist and co-founder of BCSL. "They're taking one of our most valuable resources and turning it into junk mail," added Shana Ortman of ForestEthics.

Victoria's Secret prints 395 million catalogs a year, predominately on virgin paper that comes directly from North America's Great Boreal Forest. Victoria's Secret's paper supplier, International Paper, sources fiber for paper from companies such as West Fraser, a known destroyer of Endangered Forests. Victoria's Secret also sources paper from Endangered Forests in the Southeast United States. Victoria's Secret is currently reviewing its paper purchasing so they can consider more environmentally responsible options.

I have my own opinions about the two subjects above which related to my research and my topic that I will post here in the near future.


Sunday, August 13, 2006


Latest Collection of Poems

By: Jieranai Maier


How deep is the ocean,
How high is the sky,
How tall is the mountain,

How much sense of serene ...
is in the green,
How much sense of urgency ...
is in the blue sea,

How passionate is the red sun,
How poetic is the yellow moon,
How vast is the calm valley..

How vibrant is life, ...
of living in the country?
How blue is the water, ..
shimmering in the lake?
How wild are the flowers, ..
scattered about in the fields?

How cool is the snow,
How hot is the sun,
How mild is the moon,

How soon can the spirit grows?
How far can the soul travels?

Those are my imaginations....

How true do I love you?
How much can love shows?
How to bestow the passion?
How one is to stay, forever young?

How to live in the moments of today?
How slow and dismay can tomorrow be?
How fast can we see...
of the days gone by?

These are my emotions...
How life is full of ...
wonders and questions..

Jieranai T. Maier
April-May 2005

Jieranai's Poems

Friday, August 11, 2006

Check out my Blog At Yahoo.

I have been posting at Yahoo since I created a new Yahoo profile.
It is called 360!

Check it out and read my BLOG there.

Peace, Love, Light & Joy

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back To The Blogging Again.

I feel like a nomad travelling around in the high tech world. While doing so, I travel from place to place, site to site, parking my thoughts here and there everywhere.
Why? At one time, it was a part of my research for my Human Science - Ph.D courses.
Since I have abandon my graduate school embition, now it is just a part of learning and exploring. I think I was looking for a nice place and 'HOME' to leave my footprints in the virtual world. I am sure I am not the only one doing it but I think that if there was a contest of "THE MOST WEB SITES CREATED" I WOULD WON THAT AWARD LOL..

So join me again... since I am going to embark on the emblematic rants and raves about our world AGAIN!

Peace, Love, Light & Joy!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Newest Web Site.

I am back to working on this Blog and will keep it update more often. I plan to write many articles from my thoughts and ideas.

So for now, check out my newest web site and join if you are in the entertainment business.

Peace & Love,
Jieranai Maier
Jan 2006