Sunday, August 13, 2006


Latest Collection of Poems

By: Jieranai Maier


How deep is the ocean,
How high is the sky,
How tall is the mountain,

How much sense of serene ...
is in the green,
How much sense of urgency ...
is in the blue sea,

How passionate is the red sun,
How poetic is the yellow moon,
How vast is the calm valley..

How vibrant is life, ...
of living in the country?
How blue is the water, ..
shimmering in the lake?
How wild are the flowers, ..
scattered about in the fields?

How cool is the snow,
How hot is the sun,
How mild is the moon,

How soon can the spirit grows?
How far can the soul travels?

Those are my imaginations....

How true do I love you?
How much can love shows?
How to bestow the passion?
How one is to stay, forever young?

How to live in the moments of today?
How slow and dismay can tomorrow be?
How fast can we see...
of the days gone by?

These are my emotions...
How life is full of ...
wonders and questions..

Jieranai T. Maier
April-May 2005

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