Friday, November 22, 2013

Fake Facebook Profiles.

One of the profile pictures for Mark Watkins.
Fake Profiles

This is the picture of the FAKE FACEBOOK Profile. Mark Watkins is his profile for this link:
Here is another photo he posted:
Supposedly he has 3 profiles under this name:
Mark Watkins.
The messages from women falling for him:
(The one with the pic above)

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Susan Haines looking good!
September 1 at 3:56am

Chrystal Moss My Love! 
September 1 at 4:38am via mobile

Toni Harrison I thought you were my love
September 1 at 5:54am

Toni Harrison ve
September 1 at 5:55am

Chrystal Moss According to him, I am.
September 1 at 5:55am via mobile

Susan Haines boy, you guys are dumb!
September 1 at 5:57am

Chrystal Moss No, we are not, we just believed the words that is now known to be a complete jackass and player!
September 1 at 5:59am via mobile

Susan Haines bravo!!! I am glad
September 1 at 6:00am · 1

Susan Haines not making fun of you! been there, done that!
September 1 at 6:01am

Chrystal Moss Hes definitly smooth and convincing
September 1 at 6:02am via mobile

Susan Haines they all are!!!
September 1 at 6:03am · 1

Chrystal Moss You are absolutly right,Susan! Can't believe I fell for it smh
September 1 at 6:04am via mobile

Susan Haines Well, I am sure now you will not do that again lol! Sorry it happened to you, I know the feeling
September 1 at 6:05am · 1

Chrystal Moss Oh trust me, I want! Lol Thanks. It sucks though lol
September 1 at 6:11am via mobile

Jeanne Shuhart Hi chrystal. Yeah he's a player alright. I'm recovering from spinal surgery and I was fed the same line that he loved me. What a bunch of BS. Karma ladies. What goes around comes around....
September 1 at 6:15am via mobile · 1

Susan Haines I told these guys before, DON'T MESS WITH US WOMEN, WE WILL FIND OUT SOONER OR LATER!! LOL
September 1 at 6:16am

Jeanne Shuhart Yep. Sure do.... then there's hell to pay...
September 1 at 6:17am via mobile

Susan Haines told them that too
September 1 at 6:18am

Chrystal Moss Dang right,Susan!! And Jeanne! He will get wht he deserves!
September 1 at 6:18am via mobile

Jeanne Shuhart Yeah..he sure will. The puts of hell are firey and hot.. that will be his pergatory.
September 1 at 6:20am via mobile · 1

Chrystal Moss I would like to meet the real guy in the pic lol but this guy is an idiot and he will get everything he deserves@
September 1 at 6:20am via mobile

Susan Haines Chrystal, that is what I said about the first guy that did this to me, I still wish I knew the real guy from the picture. Guess we never will though!!
September 1 at 6:21am · 1

Jeanne Shuhart Amen to that.. hmmm I smell a story idea coming on.. I can torture him in my next novel... any ideas pls look me up un fb. Lol
September 1 at 6:21am via mobile

Chrystal Moss It sucks,Susan. That these idiots reel us in and have to do it using someone else's identity. Man up and be a real man
September 1 at 6:26am via mobile

Jeanne Shuhart That's a laugh. Doesnt seem to be any real men left.. just a bunch of players and jerks. The real men died out a long time ago. Irs time to cowgirl up and show them what were made of... they won't know what hit em!!
September 1 at 6:28am via mobile · 2

Susan Haines Yea, it does suck, so the good news is now you know and do be very careful from here on who you trust!
September 1 at 6:28am · 1

Jeanne Shuhart Yep! Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.... 
Don't settle for just anything ladies. GOD will bring someone into your life who is meant just for you.
September 1 at 6:29am via mobile · 1

Jeanne Shuhart Dont hesitate to look me up. Still want ideas for nivel. Can make this fool the villian. They always get what they deserve. .... what a snotwad!
September 1 at 6:31am via mobile · 1

Chrystal Moss Exactly!!! On both statements ladies!
September 1 at 6:32am via mobile

Robin Alexander Oh my girls so glad to read this, he told me he is Kabul Afghanistan , captain in the army! Why do men to this to us, karma will bite him hard for all this crap, but you girls are right he sure is smooth & knows the right things to say! Sad day but thank you girls!
September 1 at 10:38am via mobile · 1

Chrystal Moss Yep,that's exactly what he told me, but now he's in South Africa on a private mission. And that he will be returning to the United States after he completes this mission and we will be together...smh Yes, very sad day, but at least we found out now. The hilarious part is, he kept telling me that he'd never keep anything from me lmao. Oh yes,definitly,karma is a b****! I've posted all of this on Twitter....the real guy in these pics needs to know about this scumbag! Heck, he even sent me pics of him and his son....smh.
September 1 at 10:45am via mobile

Chrystal Moss I would bet that every like on his photos are women he's "in love with" and probably a whole lot more. Such a loser!
September 1 at 10:50am via mobile · 1

Robin Alexander Yes it's guys like this that ruins it for the good guys if there are any still out there!
September 1 at 11:01am via mobile · 1

Robin Alexander Yes he said he was falling in love, his wife died in child birth , sent me pics of his son ! The real guy of this pics needs to get a hold of him & teach him a few things! Sooner or later he will get his !!!
September 1 at 11:04am via mobile · 1

Jeanne Shuhart You better believe he will. I'd like to kick his ass myself if I wasn't in a wheelchair.
September 1 at 11:08am via mobile · 2

Chrystal Moss Oh yes, Robin, u are so right. He's using the same amo for all of us women. And he's pretty convincing....but he does slip up and that made ne suspicious,which is why I put my original comment on see how many,if any would respond and to use one of his lines,"wowowow look what I got" I'm hoping that with enough posts on the internet about him that the real man in these pics will come forward or at least someone that knows him. Not sure if Mark is his real name, but do know his last name is real and he really is in the Army.
September 1 at 11:14am via mobile · 1

Robin Alexander Yes he has slipped up a few times w/ me! Then I'd call him on it he would have some excuse for it ! Yes hopefully the real man in this photos sees this, it's a shame to use one of our hero's that are fighting for us, & try ruining his reputation! Thanks again!
September 1 at 11:21am via mobile · 1

Chrystal Moss I know..its a crying shame! Oh yeah,he's slipped a few times but the one that made me suspicious was when he said he was going on a secret mission and where......I have a nephew in the Marines,a niece joining the Navy,an uncle in the Navy, and an Uncle in the Army and one thing I know for a FACT is, they are taught and trained NOT to indulge ANY information!
September 1 at 11:27am via mobile · 1

Angie Christian Come on gals he's playing you,it's not his fault.fb is a fun toy that's it..and he's having fun..
September 1 at 1:04pm

Chrystal Moss Really?! Do you think its fun that someone steals someone else's identity? Do you think its fun that some lies to god only knows how many women? Do you think its fun to play with another human beings feelings? Do you think its fun that this jerk has created three other profiles under the same name,same pics, scam women? Do you think its fun?! If so, you are just as fked up as he is!!
September 1 at 1:09pm via mobile · 1

Robin Alexander Yes I agree w/ Chrystal, do you really know what it's like to have your heart torn in to! Or is that what you do to men! You it's funny because one if the text he sent me it's was addressed to Angie !!! Hmmmmm that's kinda funny your name is Angie & you are taking up for this jerk !
September 1 at 1:25pm via mobile · 1

Chrystal Moss She will think its real funny when he takes all her Damn money or when she finds out he's really a 16yr old boy from another country!
September 1 at 1:29pm via mobile · 1

Is this the other Fake Profile: