Sunday, August 14, 2016

Medical Care Like Outside the U.S.

Travelling Overseas? Good to know about medical care in case of emergency & local hospitals.
What is Medical Care Like Outside the U.S.?
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When you visit the ER or the doctor's office in the U.S., you pretty much know the routine. That routine isn't the same in other countries, however. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, people access health care in a variety of ways.
Here's a look at how medical care works in a number of popular travel destinations outside the U.S., and how American travelers might receive care in the event of an unexpected illness or injury while abroad:


In France, the federal government covers most medical bills for its citizens, with funding derived from income and payroll taxes. Expenses not covered by the government are paid by a patient's private insurance.
medical care in france


Swedish patients who must wait more than 90 days for planned operations or treatments are guaranteed that these costs will be covered by a county government.
medical care in sweden



Brazilians have developed a community-based approach to universal health care, assigning Primary Care Teams to 150 households per geographical area. Healthcare services are free for legal citizens and travelers may find out that it's important to do research prior to traveling to Brazil, as it is common to encounter many doctors who do not speak English.
medical care in brazil
If you plan to visit Rio De Janiero for the upcoming 2016 Olympics, be advised, public health care will not be available. You are strongly advised to purchase travel medical insurance.