Monday, October 21, 2013

Workig Age Population 2037.

Merrill Lynch (via @soberlook) shows a chart with rank countries that will have the                largest working age populations in 2037, just under 25 years from now.
Looking at the chart, you can see that India passes China at this time.
US hangs is at the #3 spot,  ahead of Indonesia.
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Top 10 Billionaire Cities in the world.

Top 10 billionaire cities in the world. #1 again for the 5th year is Moscow.
It is proven that when the country transformed itself from Communism to Capitalism
it lets their own people prosper instead of Government owning everything.
It is interesting also that in Asia, once considered third world countries:  Hong Kong,
India's and China's people also prosper

#1 Moscow,  #2 New York,  #3 Hong Kong:

1. Moscow Average Billionaire Worth: $4,364.88 Billion As number one for the fourth time in the past 5 years, Russia has a total net worth of $366,650.000. This could be due to their 84 billionaires, which is up from 78 last year, and a total of 110 billionaires from Russia.

2. New York Average Billionaire Worth: $4,528.23 Billion Despite the US number of billionaires totaling at 442, New York City houses only 62 billionaires. While New York City is up 5 billionaires from last year, its total net worth only clocks in at $280,750.000. 

3. Hong Kong (tie) Average Billionaire Worth: $4,541.86 Billion Tied with London on the top 10 billionaire cities list, 
Hong Kong houses 43 world Billionaires. This helps give the city a total net worth of $195,300.000, a leg up on its tied competitor. - 

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