Thursday, October 04, 2018

"Ramen Heads"

Well I was on a short trip to Bangkok, Thailand and just got back on Sunday. I was sick ever since I got back. However, I managed to post from BKK and some here, since I got back.
I want to share a little bit of my pleasant time during one of the rides on the plane.
REVIEW OF THE "RAMEN HEADS" Documentary: "This documentary reminded me why I felt a connection with Japan through this movie. Being Thai, we have our own variety of noodles and are very passionate about them. Having spent several short times in Tokyo on many trips. The first one was few days on a stop on our around the world trip.
When I saw this documentary on the flight from Narita, Tokyo to LAX. I really Love it as it shows how much Ramen soup are It bought back my sweet memory when I was working in Tokyo in 2005. I went to lunch one day, walked into a Ramen shop, got my bowl and joined a group of men who stood around a round table and ate their Ramen soups. Being Thai, we have our own variety of noodles and passionate about them.
It also did not surprise me that when I saw Tomita during his day off work wearing all his designers blimps and outfits..    
Such fascinating documentary.   and would recommend it to all the FOODIES of the world