Friday, December 14, 2007

Toyota, Mitsubishi to make eco-cars in Thailand

Bangkok Post Latest news stated that Toyota & Mitsubishi to make environmentally conscious eco-cars in Thailand.

Tokyo (dpa) - Japanese automakers have applied to produce environmentally conscious eco-cars in Thailand, The Nikkei reported Friday.

Toyota Motor Corp and Mitsubishi Motors Corp plan to expand production capacity in Thailand and to begin manufacturing about 100,000 units of environmentally-friendly cars every year from 2010.

Toyota intends to invest about 17 billion yen (151.83 million dollars) and make the total of investment about 20 billion yen, Japan's business daily said.

The Thai government has decided to give tax breaks to automakers that produce eco-cars with 1.3-litre or smaller gasoline engines and fuel efficiency of 20 kilometres per litre.

Honda Motor Co, Suzuki Motor Corp and Nissan Motor Co have already received permission for their production plans. They plan to begin manufacturing eco-cars as early as 2010 in Thailand.