Sunday, November 02, 2008

Top Countries in Global Competitiveness

No. 1: U.S.
Market Size: 1Innovation: 1Education/Training: 5

The U.S. retains its position this year as the world's most competitive country. Many robust structural features, such as business systems, formidable universities, and top-ranked innovation make the American economy remarkably powerful and productive. They also help to soften economic shocks such as routine business downturns and, with luck, the current financial crisis. However, despite having the largest economy on the planet, fiscal deficits in recent years have weakened the country's global standing and increased public indebtedness. That could limit flexibility in fiscal policy in the future and leave the U.S. more vulnerable to outside influences.

No. 2: Switzerland
Market Size: 37Innovation: 3Education/Training: 7

No. 3: Denmark
Market Size: 46Innovation: 10Education/Training: 2

No. 4: Sweden
Market Size: 32Innovation: 5Education/Training: 3

No. 5: Singapore
Market Size: 53Innovation: 11Education/Training: 8

No. 6: Finland
Market Size: 50Innovation: 2Education/Training: 1

No. 7: Germany
Market Size: 5Innovation: 8Education/Training: 21

No. 8: Netherlands
Market Size: 20Innovation: 12Education/Training: 11

No. 9: Japan
Market Size: 3Innovation: 4Education/Training: 23

No. 10: Canada
Market Size: 13Innovation: 13Education/Training: 9

No. 11: Hong Kong
Market Size: 38Innovation: 24Education/Training: 28

No. 12: Britain
Market Size Rank: 6Innovation Rank: 17Education/Training Rank: 18

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Top Countries in Global Competitiveness
Despite this year's global market turmoil, many of the same countries, including the U.S., remain atop the World Economic Forum ranking
By Matt Mabe