Friday, November 01, 2013

Homelessness in Silicon Valley.

I used to go to San Francisco for business and occasionally for pleasure. One thing that I noticed was that there were so many homeless people around Market Street. That was so many years ago, 20? to be more exact?  
I used to live in Santa Clara, the high tech capital of the world.  I moved down to Southern California in 2001, I now live in Temecula.
When I lived in Santa Clara, I saw some homeless people who stood around intersection or in front of the super markets with their children (sometimes). Many people would hand them extra changes. I was one of those people too.
Seems like the situation is getting even much worse since the recession.
Today I read on San Jose Mercury News online about a 40 years old father with a 10 years old daughter who ride the bus for  hours as a mean of being in a safe and warm place for the night.  He and his daughter along with other 10 to 15 homeless people are using it as an unofficial shelter each night rather than to reach the end of the destination.
By Mark Emmon. 
Homelessness in Santa Clara County
7,631 homeless counted over two-day period last January
19,063 estimated to experience homelessness this year
27 percent of homeless reported being turned away from emergency shelter in previous 30 days of census

Source: 2013 Santa Clara County Homeless Census & Survey

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