Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wasteful Resources - How many Trees We killed?

Free Magazines which turns out to be nothing but wasteful junks to throw away.
Some of these magazine and weeklies are printed on grossy non-cyclable!
The worst offenders are the Real Estate Magazines / Homes magazines, both resale homes and new homes catalogs. There are over 5-6 in our area that are published weekly. Do you pick them up? They are dream homes and they are gorgeous - ofcourse I pick them up all the time. I need to learn to stop the bad habit. I actually did since I spend my time on the internet and I do my searches online. But, there are many trade magazines that I can subscribe FOR FREE, they are tools for my career you know... and they are all FREE subscriptions! Oh Lord Buddha, I do not even have time to read them. I finally let the subscription run out without renewing again.

How many trees do we killed each week, each day we pick up these FREEBIES from the magazine racks at the supermarket??

Phone Books - How many Do we need? How many we throw away before it even reaches the consumer or the household it was supposed to be delivered to?

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