Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2016 State Of Homelessness in America.

New 2016 Stats :

 • On a single night in 2016, 549,928 peoplewere experiencing homelessness in theUnited States. A majority (68%) was stayingin emergency shelters, transitional housingprograms, or safe havens, and 32 percent werein unsheltered locations.• Over one-fifth of people experiencinghomelessness were children (22%), 69 percentwere over the age of 24, and nine percent werebetween the ages of 18 and 24..On a Single Night in January 2016• Half of all people experiencing homelessnessdid so in one of five states: California (22%or 118,142 people); New York (16% or 86,352people); Florida (6% or 33,559 people); Texas(4% or 23,122 people); and Washington (4% or20,827 people).

• Of the 118,142 people experiencinghomelessness in California, 66 percent (78,390people) were without shelter and 34 percent(39,752) were staying in emergency shelters,transitional housing programs, or safe havens.

• California accounted for nearly half of allunsheltered people in the country in 2016(44%). Florida had the second highest shareof the unsheltered homeless population in theU.S., with nine percent (15,361 people).

• In four states, more than half of all peopleexperiencing homelessness lived inunsheltered locations: California (66%), Oregon(61%), Hawaii (54%), and Nevada (53%).

Source: The U.S. Department ofHousing and Urban DevelopmentOFFICE OF COMMUNITY PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENThttps://www.hudexchange.info/.../doc.../2016-AHAR-Part-1.pdf

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