Tuesday, February 03, 2009

10 New Amphibian Species Discovered

10 New Amphibian Species Discovered

posted: 9 HOURS 27 MINUTES AGO

WASHINGTON (Feb. 2) - Ten new species of amphibians -- including three kinds of poisonous frogs and three transparent-skinned glass frogs -- have been discovered in the mountains of Colombia, conservationists said Monday.

With amphibians under threat around the globe, the discovery was an encouraging sign and reason to protect the area where they were found, said Robin Moore, an amphibian expert at the environmental group Conservation International, which made the find.

Marco Rada, Conservation International Colombia

Conservationists discovered 10 new species of amphibians -- mostly frogs -- in a mountainous area of Colombia. This is a rain frog, one of two new kinds of rain frogs spotted on the expedition by the group Conservation International.

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